Meet Victor Mifsud, the Blind Bio-Hacker. Victor is on mission to supercharge his eyes, mind, body and soul using new combinations of ancient wisdom and modern science. Victor is a DJ, an artist, a traveler, and a dreamer. And he's legally blind.


His journeys take us from the cutting edge of neuroscience to the most ancient forms of tribal healing. He meets doctors and scientists who are using technology and wisdom in equal measure, and he starts to understand the intricate connections between mind, brain, body, and self.


He speaks with renowned author & physician Dr. Gabor Maté; has his brain scanned by Dr. Lara Boyd, the groundbreaking researcher who is using MRI data to reveal the way neuroplasticity changes our brains; and he meets the remarkable David Webber, who's been called The Blind Man Who Learned to See because he used neuroplasticity to heal his own eyes.


The adventure also introduces him to unorthodox and paradigm shifting therapies, including the ancient South American psycho-active tea Ayahuasca, the eternal vibrations of Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, and the ultra modern remedy for the digital age, Pulsed Elector-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.


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